Experienced and caring yoga teachers

Our teachers are among the most experienced in The Hague. They’ve studied with leading global teachers, and have an extensive practice in traditional yoga. Our teachers are each specialised in a specific yoga style, and many of them are trained in complementary disciplines like physiotherapy, injury and trauma healing, and mental wellbeing. We value giving teachers the autonomy to teach in their own styles and follow their own authentic yoga path.

Our teachers:

Anneke Kooijmans
Anneke Sips
Arianne De Vos Burchart
Berry Lusink
Christel Hendriks
Claire Vintges
Danny Snoek
Eline Sophie Walch
Fantine Tho
Govinda Kai
Hiko Chen
Irene Lähde
Joe Dwyer
Jurre Twijnstra
Ken The Rolfer
Kitty Arambulo
Liliana Nuño
Livia Benders
Liya Kim
Lydia Elbertzhagen
Mariette de Kroon
Marsha Broeke
Mojan Stipsen
Mukesh Joshi
Regina Németh
Simon Rowe
Sterre Ferf
Tulip Macouzet Sitges
Willemijn van der Laan
Yuna van Munster