We’re a non-profit, community-driven yoga school, built and supported by teachers and students. We believe that yoga is a journey of self-exploration, and we’re committed to guiding and empowering you on this path of self-discovery. We offer a safe space for everyone who wants to enjoy the benefits yoga offers to the body, mind and soul.


We believe a yoga practice extends beyond the mat. As an Inner Embassy member you can broaden and deepen your practice by joining workshops to support your mental wellbeing, explore yogic practices like chanting and pranayama, learn about yoga philosophy, and build an understanding of anatomy. Our yoga school is embedded within a wider community of health workers, including physiotherapists and mental health workers to ensure our members are holistically supported and that our teachers are equipped with the tools they need to make their classes accessible to everyone.


Inner Embassy emerged thanks to our students’ commitment to their practice. When a yoga studio closed, one of the teachers restarted a new studio in the same location with support of students. Students and teachers volunteered different skills towards Inner Embassy’s mission to teach and share yoga in a different, community-based and non-profit way. Our yoga studio is based on three pillars: authentic yoga tradition, anatomical awareness and mental health awareness including trauma-sensitivity.

We’re building a foundation for a stronger, more sustainable yoga practice and community. Inner Embassy is the embassy for our inner selves; a place where people can re-establish a healthy relationship with themselves, with others and with the wider world.